NYC Actor Headshots

NYC Actor Headshots
Striking, modern headshots shouldn't have to break the bank.

Previously only available to friends, family & referrals, I'm now offering headshot services for all actors & singers in the New York City area!

I approach headshot photography with almost a decade of experience not only behind the camera, but on the casting side of the table as well, having seen of hundreds of auditioning hopefuls during castings over the years. I focus on capturing the essence of you in my shots: who you are as an actor, what your goals are, your ideal role(s), and more.

Once your session is scheduled, you'll get a link to an exhaustive headshot preparation document from me, full of tips on skin care & makeup, wardrobe suggestions, and other info I've put together over the years.

I shoot in our apartment in Astoria, NY under studio lights, which gives us a great flexibility in the look in terms of brightness, background coloring (if any), shadow control, and more.

I don't double-book shooting days, so we're free to take our time to capture the essence of what we want — though, most shoots take about two hours. And, we edit as we go, previewing the images on a large screen and taking notes during breaks, allowing you to see the effects of small positioning changes quickly and letting us zero in on exactly what we're going for. After the shoot, we use my private online project management & asset review website that I programmed to preview, share, and select your images.

I hope to shoot with you soon!

Your Shoot

If we haven't already had a consultation, your shoot begins with a conversation about your goals and what you want to portray in your headshot. From there, we'll check out your wardrobe and choose the looks we'll be shooting and in what order. You'll then have time to apply makeup and adjust hair, if needed.

From there, we sit you down and I position the bright lights, and we get started! During shoots, I work hard to keep the mood loose and conversational. The beginning of your session should be considered a warmup, just like your voice when singing or your muscles when exercising. I usually ask my subjects to do different things, like facial & acting warmups, stretches, and positioning tricks. It usually takes most people about 30-60 minutes to warm up, so don't worry about the images we're capturing here.

At every phase of your session, we'll take quick breaks and review the shots so far on a large screen. This lets us see how small changes in your expressions, body language, and positioning affect the image you're portraying. I like to make quick, decisive snap judgments during these quick reviews, because that's also what casting directors do — they're not going to be staring at your picture for minutes thinking, "huh, this person's right eye is a little more open than their left." If we see pictures we like, we mark them for review at the end of the session, and we skip past any we don't like. But, don't worry, I don't delete anything!

At some point, we'll break so you can change into alternate looks in a private area. And, I always have refreshments onhand. Then, you sit back down, and we continue shooting!

At the end of your session, once we're feeling pretty good about what we've captured, we'll sit down for another culling of images we've previously flagged. I usually like to target 12-25 options for a typical headshot session out of anywhere from 500 to 1500 pictures I snap; you can see why editing as we go helps keep things manageable! And then, you're on your way.

Later in the evening, I'll upload the curated images straight off the camera to my custom website, and if you don't already have a login, I send info on how to register. This custom website for your session lets you view our curated images, share a read-only link with anyone you wish, and mark your favorites.

Once you've picked your favorites and let me know, it takes me about 3 days to get you the final, edited & retouched high-resolution images, just because I don't know how quickly you'll make your selections and I have to schedule the work. I provide you a ZIP file with your edited choices in several different formats, along with a signed photography release form. And, from there, you're ready to print your headshots, update your socials and online profiles, and go book work!

Pricing & Packages

Pricing does not include a stylist for makeup & hair (though, I'm looking for a good one in NYC, so if you know someone, drop me a line!) But, don't worry, my detailed document full of tips for your headshot session has some great information on makeup — yes, even for guys.

$400 $250 Special introductory rate
2 Hour Shoot
$550 $350 Special introductory rate
2-4 Hour Shoot
Book a Session

Get in touch today to schedule your shoot in Astoria, NY. Once we decide on a day, a 50% deposit will hold your date, with the rest due when the final retouched images & photography release form are ready.

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