Other Services

Other Services
As they say, "but wait… there's more!"

My tagline for Greg Kefalas Media Services used to be, "if you name it, I probably do it." As you'd expect after my lifetime of creative & technology experience, there are so many other ways that we can work together. And, I always bring the same level of care & professionalism to everything I do. Here's just a small sampling of other services I've done professionally and can bring to your project.

Videography & Reels

Over the years, I've developed a full videography pipeline that's perfect for low-budget projects and actors' reels. My services are perfect for corporate videos, demos, and other small business video production. As of 2017, I currently shoot RAW up to 1080p, grade on DaVinci Resolve, and cut via Adobe Premiere Pro. My video equipment also includes continuous lighting options, small dollies, a jib crane, and shoulder rig options. And, as you'd expect, I also give special attention to the audio in any videos I produce.

For performer reels, I work with you to choose the best edits of existing footage you may have. Having this outside perspective from someone that has not only been involved in production but casting as well is important, especially when you remember the common recommendation that your reel not exceed 1-2 minutes. And, with my full production capabilities, we can supplement any existing footage you have with additional monologues as needed.

For corporate & business videos, you also can take advantage of my midlevel motion graphics experience. I work in After Effects, Illustrator/Photoshop, and Cinema 4D, but for anything beyond my abilities I have a network of creative & production contacts that can be brought in on a contract basis. I also pride myself on resourcefulness and creative solutions to problems.

Finally, if your project has a demand for higher production values than I can reach with my in-house capabilities, such as 4K delivery, a large cast, location scouting, or a need for a larger crew, again my experience managing large projects plus my network of contacts & equipment rental houses comes to the rescue. I can coordinate and produce or direct your production to a successful completion, from initial preproduction to final delivery.

Let's have a conversation. Drop me a line today and we'll see how we can work together!


See some examples of my video work for my own and others' projects. More examples available on request.

New York Holiday Choristers

I directed, shot, edited & mixed this 2016 demo video for one of our renowned contemporary caroling ensembles, including audio recording and motion graphics.

Meghann Reynolds Actor Demo Reel

I edited existing footage as well as shot a monologue for Meghann, an NYC-based actress & singer.

Web Design & Development

I have been developing websites since they were a relative novelty in 1995. I spent 10 years as Chief Technology Officer for a digital music technology startup, powered by a content delivery platform I originated with clients like Live Nation, Billboard, Pepsi, Delta, Express, Shazam, and many more. Over the years, I've created hundreds upon hundreds of sites and projects, ranging from massively complex digital music stores, to streaming services, to small interactive experiences, microsites, artist websites, mobile experiences, redemption platforms, and too many more to list — including all of my own projects! In short: I know how to get things done, have them look sharp but still convey the information effectively, and be worry-free.

On the frontend, I have expertise in the building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also have experience working with a variety of backend programming languages and platforms, specializing in Microsoft C# .NET and SQL Server, but with experience in MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby, and more, including platforms such as Squarespace and Wordpress.

I've built projects that handled 50,000 hits per second without breaking a sweat; I've built websites where we obsessively track metrics and conversions; and I've built experimental experiences designed to push technology forward, but only in the service of a story to tell.

Out of necessity, I scale my web development pricing depending on the client, project type, and scope, as a massive corporate project will of course require more detailed project management, documentation, wireframing, and iteration than a small business's brochure site. So why not reach out today and see if there's some way I can help you with your project?

Other Music Services

I've put these other music services on this page not because they're a small part of what I do, but rather because they're almost always a part of a greater whole of a service I'm providing. For instance, if I'm scoring your short film or producing your song, chances are there's no small piece of composition, arranging, or orchestration altready inherent to my work!

That said, I do provide “standalone” composition, arranging, and orchestration services. I've been frequently hired in the past to arrange horn parts for bands, or reduce a song for piano + vocal score or arrange it for vocal groups, or even pure composition for things like musicals, brand identity, or other commissioned works.

If you need standalone music composition, arranging, or orchestration work, why not get in touch with me today to see if it's a project I can help out on?

Creative Consulting

After leaving my technology startup, I founded Mattermind, a boutique creative & strategic consulting agency helping businesses large and small solve problems. My clients are repeat customers, bringing me aboard to solve problems and get work done in a creative fashion, whether it's assisting them with their social media strategy (and then perhaps executing it), defining product pipelines, guiding technology development, or any other number of points of need within your typical small- to large-scale business — especially one making its way through this hyperconnected digital world.

I approach problems via a hybrid model of creative thinking plus deep analytics & data, all in service of measurable, testable ROI, rather than undefined goals and actions.

In other words, I love creative consulting, and pride myself on being a trusted outside voice that can quickly and efficiently grasp an industry and market, and help guide my clients to success. The first step is setting up an initial meeting with me to see how we can work together. I hope to hear from you!

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